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alaska/horizon, and jet blue

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are there anygood va's that have you start flying horizon air planes and then when you get a certain amount of hours then you get to fly alaska planes? kinda like how ata is. thanks

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This is all that I could find, but it's not really what you are looking for.

Dont Know

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what about jet blue? i found one but you have to take a test to join Confused , so are there any others out there

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I didn't see any.

Guest - We are opening up again very soon have around 30 pilots and operate real jetblue flights with all the aircraft check the site out and contact the CEO if you are intrested in joining

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how about continental airlines, but you don't have to take a test or fly online to join

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Hi. I'm PR manager for Air PuertoRico, we will be changing our name and opening a new website in about 3 weeks or so. The new site will feature not only an entry test, but tests for each rank and checkrides for each Aircraft rating.

All of you interested drop me an e-mail. at: We haven't done any official announcements yet, because we are adding the finishing touches to the new page.

Meanwhile, you and everybody interested can join us. at, we have a complete fleet from regional to jet airliners.

Aisen D. López

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We're not JetBlue, CO, or Alaska...but we don't make you take a test to join! (got the feeling you weren't for that) We're a strong, growing, fresh VA with a little break from the norm. We're an original VA (meaning not a RW knockoff) and the VA was thoughtfully planned out for two years before ever taking to the skies. We do things right the first time, making us successful so far and contribute that to our pilots and staff, we have RW airline employees both as pilots and staff, giving us that "insider" approach!

If you might be interested, check us out!

Blue Skies!

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