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Alex (Littleal100) Trainee

how do you even play online. I click the butten, it just goes back to the main screen

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Jon Van Duyn (JVD) Captain

To play online with airtraffic [human not AI] controllers and stuff like that you should sign up with either IVAO or VATSIM. They will help get flying online. I absolutley love flying online with VATSIM.

Anyway here are some links:



They are both very intimidating but in the end it's worth all the time you spent trying to set up for a flight online.

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Andrew (AJWatson2209) First Officer

Also try its a bit more relaxed that VATSIM

foretwoone Guest

even with vatsim and other things, once u connect to the server how do u actually get into a plane?
I just dont get this part.

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The normal way. You start your flight as if in single player mode, then start FSINN or SB3, which will connect you to VATSIM. Don't try to connect first, just start your flight normally (NOT on the active runway though)

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Alex (Littleal100) Trainee

kkk Wink


hallo. i want to play online but i dont no how, what is your ip addres, my e-mail is

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