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Run from Megatech products.

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Save yourselves, dont buy Megatech products. I bought a housefly that flew great for two weeks. For no reason it quit. Would not aquire a signal. Returned it for repairs and for 122.00 they could fix it. A cracked pc board is not covered under warrenty even if it is cracked when installed at the factory. Save yourselves,

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Just a question - Whats a housefly?

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I think its this:


My small experience sais that if the pcb was broken or cracked from its installation day your tranceiver-receiver wont work and the QC(quality control) of this company will have notice this and fix the problem.Although there are some cases that maybe the pcb has a small cracked which with its usage become bigger and may cut a trace of the circuit.Unfortunately you cant prove them that this happens cause such kind of damage in most of cases can cause from many reasons(downfall,too much preassure on the case etc,etc)I think that you were a litle unlucky...But now if it works again try to enjoy it and try to forget the 122... 😉

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