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hey, i was just wondering if you could add a graphics card to a notebook. here is the one im thinking about buying.

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I think the best you can use is a PCI (not express) ( if it has an empty socket). You have to ask them about that and then buy it cheaper somewhere else.

Notebooks aren't that easy to open and work on.


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As i know most of Notepads has an integrated VGA or they give you the chance to use some specific VGAs.In your case they are the following once:

Optional: 64 MB ATI MOBILITYTM RADEON® X300 HyperMemory Graphics
Optional: 128 MB DDR ATI MOBILITYTM RADEON® X300 PCI ExpressTM x16 Graphics

This happens cause there is not space availiable,as you know,so the VGA cards for notepads has different interfaces with your mainboard.

Although if for example you are going to use 128 MB DDR ATI MOBILITYTM RADEON® X300,you will need more RAM(you have 256mb of it)in order to run satisfactionaly(and only satisfactionaly) a game.If you talking for FS i think that you must not be very assuming from this system to run it.Maybe it will but in the lower adjustments.

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