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Difficulty with Membership after payment

signal352 Guest

Lads/Ladies, i've been trying to become a member now for four days and after payment via paypal (x4), i'm still having trouble logging in. Am i supposed to receive a confirmation code? All i do get is an e-mail to say 'payment can be made via following link, if not already done so...!


I've sent e-mails to accounts etc and have had no response, in days now.

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nadaman Trainee

I've recently joined, got the same email as you then a few days later i got an email telling me the account had been activated, so hopefully will be very soon for you.


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Greekman72 Chief Captain

Be patient my friend and at the end you ll gonna get this e-mail.Also you can check your junk folder.Sometimes this mail goes there.I personally have to wait 5 days in order to login.

You can also could try to login without waiting this e-mail(must remember your password of course. 😉 )

This is from the FAQ forum:

I registered but cannot login!
Firstly check your are entering the correct username and password. If they are okay then one of two things may have happened. If COPPA support is enabled and you clicked the I am under 13 years old link while registering then you will have to follow the instructions you received. If this is not the case then does your account need activating? Some boards will require all new registrations be activated, either by yourself or by the administrator before you can logon. When you registered it would have told you whether activation was required. If you were sent an email then follow the instructions, if you did not receive the email then are you sure your email address is valid? One reason activation is used is to reduce the possibility of rogue users abusing the board anonymously. If you are sure the email address you used is valid then try contacting the board administrator.

We all looking forward to welcome you as a member in our community. 🙂

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Thanks for your patience has finally paid off. only 5 whole days!! I read elsewhere in this sites forum of people complaing about paying the $5 fee!..i ended paying it 4 times as i had an old e-mail addy set up with paypal at first. Then paid again, as i'd have expected to get a response regarding membership a lot sooner than that!

Still i'm not complaining...downloaded what i couldn't find on any other site now.

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

Welcome aboard... 😉

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