Night-time landings

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During Night time approach, I often like to look out, but I don't know how much I should raise or lower the seat level? The transition from land to sky is all black, so I can't tell what I'm looking at. How can I make land look a little different than sky during night time?

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First, what seems to work for me is, I always have cockpit set to 0.75 zoom. Do this by hitting the Backspace key once, then the "-" (minus) key once. Now if the view from the cockpit is still not to your liking hitting Shft+Enter once should do it. And make sure your speed/flaps ratio is correct so you are not too high in the nose on approach.

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I always have a correct angle on the approach so I hope your technique will satisfy my cuiriousty - Thanks for that.

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i would hit W to get rid of the panel leaving 6 basic gauges at the bottom of the screen. when you look around you dont have any blockage in your view.

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A couple of bumps up usually dose it for me. When aligned and close enough to the run way I hit the space bar to return to normal for the touch down.

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Sometimes what I do is to hit the space bar when I am on final. That will lower the view over the top edge of your panel and allow you to see the runway's landing lights far better. It is also easy because all it requires is one hand action.

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I don't like messing with the seat. I can never get it back to how I had it. Which screws up my landing. You can switch to Virtual cockpit and look around.

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