Real World: Lights Out In Cabin For Landing

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This is not really anything to do with FS but it still relates to aviation.

Anyways, last night i was travelling home from ALC (Alicante) to NCL (Newcastle) on a Thomas Cook Boeing 757-200 and for basically the entire flight it was pitch black outside. When on the approach to NCL a member of the cabin crew informed us that they would be turning off the cabin lights for landing and this was normal procedure for flights in the dark and this was carried out.

I have been on other dark flights and i have never had this happen before. Is this normal procedure?


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In everyflight where cabin lights were required for cruise, they turned them off for takeoff and landing in my case. I'm not sure exactly why they do this, but I assume it's to have more energy from the power source, in the event of an emergency. I'm sure someone will come along and correct me.

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I think its a combination of two things. Firstly for safety. In the event of an emergency you need to be able to see whats going on around you, including the lights on the floor which tell you the emergency exit to go to and the panel with emergency written on it, as it is more visible in the dark. Secondly, it is pleasurable for the passengers to watch the landing and the scenery with it, which can only be done if the lights are out in the cabin. Just a little touch that improves your impression of the flight 😉


You have lights-out in the cabin during take-off and landing due to if there is a problem during landing and take off it doesn't interfere and they can abort the flight and return to the nearest airport.

I have flown many times before with Britih Airways, I think that's why,

Next time you fly ask one of the Cabin Crew about it!!

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