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Andrew (AJWatson2209) First Officer

I just installed UT and well now their is no traffic at all. INstalled it then looked for updates then installed them and then ran FS. Anyideas where i have gone wrong?

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RadarMan Chief Captain

First make sure you have your "Traffic Slide" at 100%. If it is go back into "UT" and click on "Compile", also make sure you put checkmarks in the boxes next to each aircraft type and in all the counties (continents) that are in there.

Run the "update" and see if that helps.
I've loaded it twice and it's worked fine both times, I have the CD, not the download.

You should see all the aircraft on the ground at the airports, it takes about 10 minutes for them to start moving, lining up, and incoming.


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Andrew (AJWatson2209) First Officer

Thats it working now, i just hadnt clicked on the compile tab in UT but its all working now. thanks once again RM!

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