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TJP Guest

Would you join a VA specifically intended for offline flying?

Pro Member Captain
John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

I don't think being specifically intended for off-line flight is that great of an idea. Airlines that have the option to fly off line is a great convinience (i.e. UPS virtual, UVA virtual, ATA virtual, etc.), especially if you're new to on-line flight or don't have the time to be at your computer the full length of a flight. However...

When you fly on VATSIM or IVAO, you certainly enhance your realism many times over, develop a strong bond / sense of community with your fellow pilots during social events like fly-ins, and have the chance to learn far more about flight in much shorter time.

In short, I'm not much of a fan of airlines that limit the person to either one or the other.

Shawnz Guest

Sounds great! I'd like to join an offline VA Very Happy javascript:emoticon('Very Happy')

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