how to fly the St. Louis Ryan NYP?

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Hey, interested in doing the Transatlantic flight from New York to Paris, was wondering if you guys had any experience with flying the NYP and would like to share tips on how to fly this plane properly... I've completed the Amelia Earhart Transatlantic, now I'm ready for another challenge... Any tips on how to fly this plane would be greatly appreciated


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Focus. You must focus on flying the thing every second, or you will crash.

I tried to fly that crate from San Diego to St. Louis a year or so back, and gave up before I got out of California. It is incredibly unstable, and terribly unpowered. To begin with, I had to circle for about an hour while climbing to gain enough altitude to clear the mountains east of San Diego (which really aren't that high). And when you do finally get to "cruising" altitude, if you can call it that, it pokes along at a speed that would get you rear-ended on the freeway. And if you dare to take your hand off the stick, it will make every effort to go into a rapidly tightening spiral into the ground!

The best thing about that plane is that it carries PLENTY of fuel! 😂

Seriously, about the only way I could manage was to press "W" to get rid of the cockpit, and constantly correct its random meandering around the sky. There is a little periscope on the panel that you can slide out (to the left) to see what's straight ahead, but the image is too small to be useful other than just keeping the horizon centered. "Straight and Level" flight is a very loose term in the Ryan.

Good luck!!


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I agree with Guest Ed. I have tried flying the St. Louis Ryan NYP and had quite a time due to its instability. To fly that plane any distance needs a lot o focus and patience. It may have been easier flying the real thing.

Thinking of Charles Lindbergh's feat. Flight today is so commonplace we do not even blink an eye at the thought of it. It is hard for me to imagine back to that time in 1927 when Lindy did his trans-Atlantic flight in those (still) early days of aviation using only rudimentary navigation, flying overnight in inky blackness above the Atlantic Ocean and touching down the next day. I can see how people raised him up to god-like status afterwards. Besides a little craziness and the desire, he also had to have the big cajones. 😳 Amazing! Clap

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Hey, I was wondering how to properly control the engines controls... The learning center dont seem to come out and tell ya what all the controls that are related to the engine do:

Throttle (of course I know that)
but like Carb Heat
Rich/Lean Mixture
Engine Primer
Manual Fuel Pumping

and so on...

Can anyone give me any pointers on each one on what it does to the engine, and when to use it ...Sorry, I seem so dumb, I just like everything "black and white" 😉

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This should answer some of your questions:

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hey, have anyone got any tips on how to land the NYP? The periscope seems useless because objects (lights) are closer then what they appear to be in the periscope...any way to tackle this? or just land in the dirt like Alcock and Brown did?

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flightsimaddict wrote:

hey, have anyone got any tips on how to land the NYP?

Hmm, can't help you with that either-- I've always crashed! 😂

As I said before: Good Luck!


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