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Hello, im interested in buying fs2004, ive never played a flight simulator before and would like to know is it worth getting and should i get a decent joystick with it, also is East Midlands Airport on it.

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east midlands is on, (it might be called castle donnington). of course we would all recommend you get the sim, you shouldn't need to spend more than £30 on a joystick. (try get one with twist grip for rudder and a hat switch for looking around).
the better your graphics card and the larger your RAM the better the sim will look


I totally agree with the above post. If you are SERIOUS about flying than this is a SIM not a GAME. Patience and a love for flight is all that is really required. Get a good graphics card if you do not already have one.

I personally love ATI but Nvidia has great cards too...they both support the SIM very well.

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Thanks alot, ive got the SIM now, i got the Cyborg 3D from Saitek, is this any good it cost me £40. I have a NVidea card and it seems to be ok.

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That sounds good so far.
If your interested in seeing what kind of FPS (Frames Per Second) your getting wait until you are at the airport and press "Shift+Z" two or three times and 2 red lines of information will appear at the top of the screen. The 2nd line will have the FPS in it. It'll change as you leave graphic intensive areas.
👍 Enjoy!

Let us know how you do.


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I would recomend a twist handle joy stick, becaouse it will give you a better experience. I have the "Logitech WingMan Extreme" and I love it.

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