As real??

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As real as it gets???
If I could afford a better card I think it might be 🤔
I now have to read up the 28 pages of pilot's and engineer's notes to learn how to get it down again Juggle Juggle
Compare screenshot and signature

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Looking good, I can't tell the difference. If you had scenery in your screenshot maybe then it would look like a new card is needed.


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is that the wings of power lancaster?

if so, I will install my copy and fly her and screeny from my new machine

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The screenie does not do it justice. From the pic the the wings look too thin, maybe one of those optical illusions, don't know. Is it Pay or free ware? If free then I might go for it myself. More info requested please matey.

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The Lanc is a pay download from Plane Design ( is based on work done from the Canadian Heritage Museum aircraft. It features 7 variants of the Lanc including the "Dambusters" aircraft. the sim features opening bomb doors and the height setting lights on the Dambusters model. The cockpit includes a flight engineers panel and with little tricks like armrests, seats, side windows and sunscreen moving. The download includes pilot and engineers notes "promulgated by order of the air council" which I'm gradually learning. The sound of the Merlins and the Hercules engines are quite realistic
The download comes with an install which even I managed to get right!
I find it well worth the $20. Looking forward to seeing some good screenshots from anyone with 'top gear'.

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I don't suppose you could do me a HUGE favour and send me a copy of the pilot's manual!?

The "Wings Of Power" add-on I got recommends using one and doesn't supply it and I can't find one online anywhere?!

Let me know and I will PM you with my email address...

I would be most grateful if you could do this (I assume its a pdf)

do you fly IL2 at all?

I am part of an online squadron that does various co-op missions together and formation flying / navigating practice etc


For Insight - I'll send you the pages which are in the public domain and hence not subject to copyright. It will amount to about 17 pages Send your email address.
I've just flown from the Dutch coast back to Lakenheath at 200ft +/-having shut down the starboard outer - this sim flies realy well and is easy to trim out. I'm a fairly "new boy" (old man actually) to FAS so have'nt tried any fancy stuff like flying with others. Does your sim have separate engineers panels??
(see also my comments on your spitfire post 😂 😂 )

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Embarassed Embarassed its me above forgot to log in again - brain fade in old age 😂 😂

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thanks, i have sent you a PM on these forums


I think I have posted on the spitfire thread since you last posted with my specs[/u]

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