parking brake drift

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Steve (megafoot) First Officer

sorry if this has been posted before but i did an extensive search of the forums and havnt found this problem rectified.

When i have my parking brake set at the airport gate and I'm fiddeling around with gizmos and setting up for takeoff i suddenly look up and my aircraft nose is embedded in the terminal. i look carefully and i see that i am moving forward at a snails pace.

One would think that a parking brake would have enough lock down power to keep a $100 million dollar aircraft from doing this.

Umm... Do i need to change a setting?

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atreyu Captain

are the enigines at idle? maybe you hit the throttle a little bit and thats why its doing that

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

It's not an issue of throttle being at idle, but i think rather that the idle power is configured too high. It happens with a lot of planes in FS9 actually!

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

But see, the thing is, those locked parking brakes hold the 747-400 at 105% N1 (Don't try that, it's not supposed to be that high)!

It's a common problem, but I got no idea how to fix it.

If you're fiddling around with systems that don't NEED the engines on, then just leave them off, and it'll be just fine

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I've also noticed the drift with the defaul Lear Jet. I know this is not realistic, but if I'm drifting too close to a building or something while I set up the GPS and radios, etc., I just pause the flight and do what I need to do, the unpause and continue the flight.

It is most noticeable if you look straight down (5 on the number pad).


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Bartholomew First Officer

Megafoot, you took the question right out of my mouth! It happens to me sometimes and it's definitely not about the throttles (at least not always), but here what you can do: simply press and hold F1 about one second and it should be okay. It helped me a couple of times, though not always.

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michlin First Officer

I also experience the same. Mostly this happens with my addon a/c. And it is sporadic. I have seen this happen on a given a/c, then the next time I use the same a/c the brake holds. Possibly a value in the aircraft.cfg that can be adjusted to correct this?

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Steve (megafoot) First Officer

Yep the F1 thing works ok, i didnt realize that normal mode for some of the big clunkers is actually high idle for skootin around the taxiways. low idle (F1) is for parkin the beast for long periods.

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