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Real black box recording....This is a MUST READ!!!

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Here is a link.
This is a websight with real black box recordings from real air disasters.
WOW!!! Surprised Surprised Surprised Have a listen......Tell me what you think.
If you have any problems with the me.
😛 😂 😎

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Good site. I've seen it before but could never find it again. Thanks for the link.

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Thanks for that Littleal. There are some very sad recordings there. I wondered how I'd feel in such a situation. It's nice to hear the last few words these two men/women spoke, before they died trying to save 100 other people behind them. What a tough job. It makes you think.


How pathetic that people have to gloat over the misfortune of others

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Very interseting posts Littleal100.Both of them. ❗

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Who's gloating - As aviation enthusiasts, it's up to us to help deduce what happened, and listening to the black box remains is a way to do so. It is sad that many of these people said their last few words, not knowing they only had seconds till death. I'm not taking pleasure in this, I'm just trying to relate. By the way, if the "Guest" who posted this, is the same person who vowed to hack this sight back in the General Forum, it won't work. Nobody can just hack this sight by posting stupid comments and trying to make us leave. It takes a lot more than some foolish person who thinks he's doing something productive to make us feel bad over listening to the last conversations of the unfortunate pilots. People die - you cant change that. We might as well benefit from the science and learn from the nature of the accident.

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Well, since we started the topic:

Gloating means something entirely different (look it up 😉 ). What "Guest" means perhaps is "Shadenfreude" (look that one up too). And, even though he/she did not sign his/her post (why? You can at least post a nickname, have a face in this community) he/she does have a point. I didn't go to the site. I make a conscious effort not to stop and stare at a car crash, a fight in the street. I make a conscious effort not to be nosy. There is a difference between curiosity and gossipy gawking at an unfortunate event.

Now I am not saying everyone (else) is a horrible person. There *is* something to be learned perhaps from black box recordings, accident scenes. But a whole site of that morbid material? I don't know... perhaps it is a little voyeuristic of us to go and in the name of science feed the little monster inside of us, the one that thrives on others' pain.

It's not totally unnatural, but it should be harnessed 🙂

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I clearly undestand the point your trying to deliver Bindolaf. I followed the link, true, but that doesn't mean I intended to go and nose around in other business, and take pleasure at others misfortune. Yes, I did find them interesting, but then what isn't. Everything is there for a purpose. I wasn't smiling, as I heard people fall out of the sky to their deaths. That is not who I am, and that is not who I'm trying to be. I had never heard recordings out of a black box before. In life, nobody knows what his/her last few seconds will be. As a human, it's only naturaly that I want to know. These poor pilots didn't get their chance. Listening to it got me thinking, and I feel even more passionate, and sorrorwful towards their family. When I hear it, it makes me imagine I was there, and so my sypmathy towards the victims grows. I'm not bugging into their business. I'm just fulfilling my innocent cuiriosity of, "what if I was there". I apologize if I offended anybody by following that link. I didn't mean to gloat at the fact that they were there and I wasn't. Also, you reffered to it as a "whole site of morbid material," and yet you admitted to the fact that there is something to be learned from it. You also talked about the little monster inside of us, who thrives on others pain. (Before I continue the sentance, please be reassured that I mean no offense towards you, as we are all friends on this site). The devil thrives at others pain, and there is a devil in everyone, but that doesn't make us evil. That makes us human. I don't go mocking other people for pleasure, and I'd be very dissapointed if you thought that was my intent. Moving on.... 😀

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You took it personally, as you shouldn't have. My post was very impersonal, a (very, very, very) rudimentary glimpse into the human psyche. I am not accusing anyone of anything, I was not offended. I merely offer an incentive for each of us to look deeper into ourselves 🙂

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Come on guys...dont hide behind our fingers...We all are curious about these kind of things and even though im sure that we dont enjoy them or promote them we all watch or hear them.Its humman nature.
We all have watch documentaries of world wars which have a lot of traggic scenes,or watch movies that pretend real facts which are also horrible.I think that we dont enjoy them but we feel the pain of these people and we socked from what we see but we also have learn things.
Titanic movie,for example,gets an oscar award for special effects which the majority of them refers to one of the most traggic facts of the history and to the way that so many people lost their lifes.

I,personally,am very happy that i see so many posts and opinions about this point cause i understand that we all are sensious and free spirits persons.And i also sure that none is offensive to other.We just exchange our thoughts and im sure that everytime this happens at the end we all have learn something new,and for our knowledge..database...and first of all for ourselves....Thats the most important thing. 😉

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I apologize Bindolaf. I'm not perfect, and nobody is. What you said has truth in it, and so I congratulate you on your properly composed message. Sorry if you felt I was attacking you. I was merely defending myself, which I now realize was not neccessary, seeing as how nobody was criticising the other. I like your insight and understanding regarding this issue. I guess I need to open up my mind a little bit more, and see both sides of things. Well done Bindolaf. With that said, I hope none of your flights end like those of the cause of that website. HAPPY FLYING

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Knowing the outcome of most of these flights helps. But the audio is horrible. But thanks for the link. I did not know that this site exsisted.


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