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Problems With Downloaded Aircraft

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PanAmerican Captain

I am having problems with downloaded aircraft.
1. The SR71 Blackbird, I can't get the guages to work.
2. The wing views on civil aircraft don't work.
3. Some aircraft are not working.

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CrashGordon Chief Captain

1. Do you mean they are not there or do not function?
2. Not all models have wing views.
3. Don't start? Don't Fly? Donh"t appear?

You are obviously having problems installing aircraft. The procedure varies with each model. Google for FlightSimManager. It is freeware and can automate the installation of most madels. It can also diagnose the problems with ones you have already installed.

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PanAmerican Captain

On the SR71 I can't get the Altitude, airspeed, or lights to work.
I am only talking about planes that say "wing views" in their description.
Don't fly, start, or appear.

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