Too darn gentle!

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CrashGordon Chief Captain

I just flew an MD82 into KLAX. I put it down so gently it was wonderful...and then slid off the runway at an angle.. I just can't win. Crying or Very sad

Flight OAR150 End of flight report Date October 06 2005

Flight ID: OAR150
Pilot: CrashGordon
Company: OmegaAir Regional
Aircraft: Boeing/McDonnell-Douglas MD-82
Flight Date: October 06 2005
Departure: 14h41 (21h42 GMT)
Arrival: 15h04 (22h05 GMT)
From: KEDW - Edwards Afb - Usa
To: KLAX - Los Angeles Intl - Usa
Nbr of Passengers: 105


Flight Distance: 64 Nm Landing Speed: 155.89 kt
Time Airborne: 00h21:38 Landing Touchdown: -97.7 ft/m (kiss)
Flight Time (block): 00h22:55 Landing Pitch: 4.85°
Time On Ground: 00h04:51 Landing Weight: 126488 lbs
Average Speed: 178.30 kt Total Fuel Used: 2870 lbs
Max. Altitude: 8786ft Fuel Not Used: 23388 lbs

Passenger Opinion: It is a horrible flight (27%)
-Were in a better mood because they had food.
-Were pleased by the music on ground. A very nice addition to their flying experience.
-Were angry because you made what seemed to be a dangerous landing.

Financial Report:

Ticket Income: +$4,110 (64 Nm)
Cargo Income: +$1,096 (6763 lbs)
Services Income: +$0 (0 sandwich 0 hot food 0 drink)
Services Cost: -$0 (20% quality)
Fuel Cost: -$1,801 (2870 lbs Jet-A1)
Airport Taxes: -$142 (Large Aircraft)
Insurance Costs: -$224 (4.32% rate)
Penalty Costs: -$1,683 (see penalty points)
Total Real Income: $1,356
Total Income: $67,800 (real x50)
Fleet Bonus: $0 (11 aircraft ,no flights today)
Total Sim Income: $67,800 (total income+fleet bonus)

Company Reputation:

Considering that the flight was very bad,the tickets price low,and there was no service aboard,passengers on this flight think that your company's reputation should be 27%
Your company reputation is now: 61% (-3.45 decrease)

Overall Flight Result: Horrible

Pilot Bonus points: 80 points
· You made a very smooth landing. (+50)
· You landed at the scheduled airport. (+30)

Pilot's Penalty points: -815 points ($1,683 bill)
· At arrival airport you rolled at 153 kt beyond the edge of the runway without any emergency. The landing gear sustained some damage and our company has received a fine of $1,683. (-765)
· You authorized food/drink to be served too late in the flight and it was interrupted by arrival procedures. (-50)

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Ed Reagle (edr1073) First Officer


Good job on the landing and the flight. Maybe if???? You had hit the reversers and autobraked it would ahve worked for you...??? Hey look at it this way no body got hurt or killed.


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Kurt Stevens (KurtPStevens) First Officer

…and in other news. Five traders threw themselves out of a 17th story window as a result of losses taken on OmegaAir stock. The airline has had a series of unfortunate… 😛

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CrashGordon Chief Captain


OmegaAir Strategic is a CIA front. Now I'm gonna get terminated with extreme prejudice. Crying or Very sad

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Steve (astrosteve) First Officer

What program runs this information. Or do you simply type up the reports like that yourself.


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CrashGordon Chief Captain

FS Passengers. Cool program.

BTW, I think Ihave figured out the cause of this damned drift when landing. It is the damned position of my joystick. When I land, I have a pretty tight grip on the thing and apparently, I tend to tilt the stick to the right without being aware of it. I just moved the joystick further right on the desk to see if the problem abates.

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Ed Reagle (edr1073) First Officer


A tighter grip doesn't help.. I know from experence on that. All you get is a tired hand.


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CrashGordon Chief Captain

The palm rest on my Logitech Extreme 3D Pro doesn't help the situation, either. If the desk is higher than my elbow, the weight of my hand on it tilts the stick back and to the right.

I'm glad I noticed that. Maybe I'm not as bad a pilot as I think, or....

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Ed Reagle (edr1073) First Officer


If you can why don't you redo the flight and try to duplicate it?? Since you have modified and noticed your errors. It would be interesting to see if you can land as genlt as the first flight did. Of course the conditions may not allow it but that is the way the weather goes.


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CrashGordon Chief Captain

Well, I have proven that the problem is due to a lack of coordination between rudder and aelerons. I turned the coordinated rudder/aeleron setting back on and ran a few landings using a PMDG 737NG. I won't say they were all perfect, but none of them suffered from that drift to one side.

Now I have to figure out how I can mount the joystick in a location that overcomes the problem. It is too high and not far enough to my right. Unfortunately, the perfect spot is on the keyboard shelf right where the numeric keypad is. 😞

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