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After about thirty hours logged, I have some questions that I have not found an answer to. If there was an FAQ thread, I'd post it there but since there is not 🙂.

1) What is the maximum flaps extension speed?
2) What is the maximum gear extension speed?
3) What does the "noisy" white light mean?
4) What does the yellow/orange light mean?
5) And how about that blue light?
6) What do the pink lines/markings on the attitude indicator mean exactly (I know they have something to do with flight director)?
7) How do you tell which landing strip to land at? You are told something like #L or #R. What does the number represent? When there are more than two landing strips, you know if it is right of left, but how do you know which number a field is?

Any questions that do not have an exact answer because it is different from aircraft to aircraft, if you could estimate an answer for a certain group (heavy/light), that would be great.

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Manuel Agustin Clausse (Agus0404) Chief Captain

To answer your questions we need to know which aircraft are you flying and which panel are you using.

1. All airplanes have different flap extension speed.
2. All airplanes have different gear extension speed.
3. What do you mean by the "noisy" white light? Which white light?
4. Which yellow/orange light?
5. And which blue light?
6. Yes, those pink lines are the flight director. That tells you what the autopilot will do if it was off. If the vertical pink line moves to the right, then you have to turn right. If the horizontal pink line moves up, then you have to climb. Do you know what I mean?
7. Ok, this is a big one. ATC tells you which runway you need to land and they will give you vectors to approach that runway. Also you have the FMC or the MCDU that helps you in that. The GPS does that job too.
For example, ATC tells you to land at runway 25L. The number 25 means the runway heading, which is 250°. Now, what about if you have to land at runway 5? The runway heading is not 005°, it's actually 50°. You move one zero forward.

I hope this helps. And if you don't understand something, tell us and we'll help.

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Where would I find the maximum flaps and gear extension speed? I took a look at the specifications and could not find it. As for the lights, I am flying a boeing 737-400 (I have seen this on other jets as well). On the left of elapsed time, there are three lights.

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Manuel Agustin Clausse (Agus0404) Chief Captain

I Googled that and came out with this: Very interesting website. At the bottom you have the limitations for the 737. If you want to know the limitations of another aircraft just Google that. It's very easy.

I don't fly Boeings too much, but can I have an screenshot showing those three lights so I can explain them to you?

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Thanks for that link, very handy.

They are located in a slightly different place in this screenshot, look on the left.

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Manuel Agustin Clausse (Agus0404) Chief Captain

I guess I know what you mean. I've looked in for pictures of the 737 panels and found this one:

It shows three lights to the left of the elapsed time. I use that panel for my 757's, even if I don't fly them much. I think they show the Outer Marker, Middle Marker, and Inner Marker.

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CrashGordon Chief Captain

That is what they are. The larger square red light is a warning indicator and the square amber one is a caution indicator.

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Steve (megafoot) First Officer

Does your 737 have a useable kneeboard? there is good data for settings on it (minimum and maximums) and keystroke shortcuts for many settings.

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