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hey, im newish here and im having trouble with adding aircraft onto my fs2004, i have downloaded heaps of cool new aircraft but most of them dont work when i extract the file into the aircraft folder inside flight simulator, only 2 aircraft have been added but i have put heaps into the files, the sucessful ones were the stratford crop dusting helicopter (does anyone know how to turn on the duster thing??) and the saab, could someone please hepl with these 2 problems

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can you give us one example of an aircrat that dosen't work i.e inside the main aircraft folder what is the name of the folder of the non working aircraft and what is contained within that folder itself. as an example you would have main fs2004 aircraft folder, withing that you would have as an example extra300 folder and within that there would be a panel, model, sound, texture file as well as an air file and aircraft cfg file, is your folder structure of the non working aircraft follow that same form?


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There are so many reasons why downloaded a/c don't work or are not apparently included in FS9 - the main one being errors in the installation process.
If you could let us know the zip file name that you downloaded and which site you downloaded it from - you would probably get a solution very quickly.

As Confuscious say " You will only get a right answer if you ask the right question "!!!

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