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Geordanh Guest

Hey whenever I go to look at the kneeboard in flight, or read something in the learning center, my menu's go all weird and I can't scroll down. Any ideas?



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Blink Goes all weird. Wacko

🤔 Could you be a little more specific please and list both your computer specs and your video card also.


Geordan Guest

haha sorry

by weird, I mean when I scroll down, it's like everything kinda piles on top of everything else. It's hard to explain. I haven't seen anything like it before.

I'm running a leadtek fx 5900 on 512mb of ram and a 2600 xp.



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👍 Good card ❗

Delete your video card drivers uninstall (device manager) your video card, reinstall it and download the latest drivers.
See if that helps you may have older or corrupted drivers.

Let us know how you do. Yes


Geordan Guest

Hey, thanks

I dunno though, I just installed the FW 56.56 drivers a couple weeks ago. Can't hurt to try it out though.


Michael_H Guest

"by weird, I mean when I scroll down, it's like everything kinda piles on top of everything else"

I have exactly the same problem. I'm running with an Asus GF4 Ti4800se.

It's weird; sometimes after a reboot it will be OK. I'm running the version drivers. Don't want to mess with them as the sim runs very smooth with no other problems.

Let us know if you figure it out....Mike

Geordan Guest

I installed the 56.56 drivers on my computer again and I'm fine now. I had them installed before, but I had forgotten that I did a system restore since, so of course the new drivers were gone.

I got mine off some european site, but Nvidia just posted the official 55.56 files on their website today. Give it a go.

Hope that helps.


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