My Thoughts on FSX

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My Thoughts on FSX

There hasn't been any "official" announcement from MS that there is even going to be another version (FSX).
We all know there will be (that's why they have testing software for this one).

My thoughts, it'll be on a DVD

It'll have a new engine so most of the add-ons we now have won't work unless the designers of it can figure out a patch (I doubt it).

They've had all this extra time to make many improvements over this version, better FPS, scenery, ATC, clouds, weather, multiplaying, adding TCAS to default aircraft, the same general mix of aircraft (download your own).

It'll be 64bit backwards compatible and take a computer to run it maxed out that hasn't been built yet.

It will have to be able to run on Windows Vista (recommended 512mb ram) so we will have to have a minimum of 2-3 gigs of ram to get top rendering and FPS. It will run on 1 gig (box recommended).

SLI compatible, so the scenery will be top notch because of the excellent video capabilities that the new hardware brings to it.

It'll be graphic intensive so the machines will run hotter that they do now.

To get decent performance we will have to have a top of the line CPU but it will still run on a computer that is as low as 1 gig, if it couldn't they won't be able to sell enough.

Do you have an opinion?


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Jared Captain

All I know is i;m not going to get it as soon as it comes out. I'll wait awhile. I also know that if I get it it will cost me money to upgrade my computer.

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Chris102 Chief Captain

My opinion - 2006 or 2007, possibly 2008 will come, I'll see FSX on sale for the first day at the software store, but I'll still be using FS9 because I can't afford to spend $1000+ on a new computer system for one game! 😂

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Manuel Agustin Clausse (Agus0404) Chief Captain

Yeah, exactly Jared. You're right.

Having 2-3 gigs of ram is way too expensive. Ram is not cheap. Building better CPU's is also very expensive, and not everybody have the money.

There are a lot of people that run FS2004 is a slow computer or a not very good computer. They wouldn't buy the new version of FS unless the spend a lot of money updating their CPU's.

I think I won't buy the new version of FS. I will be very busy with my studies so I guess I won't be able to buy it. Maybe later I will. Dont Know

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

Same here Agus. After this year it's off to college for me to learn the fineries of German so I can teach it to screaming 10th graders 😉

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Jared Captain

Also may I add. I have two amazing add-ons that I will not give up to FSX. My Aeroworx King Air and (once it comes out) Captainsim C-130. I will not give up on flying these aircraft.

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kevin2003 Trainee

For what seems like an etenity now we have had to endure these tiresome and ridiculas "What I'd like to see in FSX" threads.Posters appear to blissfully unaware that 80% of what is generally hoped for is already available right now in either freeware or payware form.You know the story.......better planes.....better scenery.....better sounds....blah blah blah!

It is against this backgroud that came across Radarman's posting today.Let me say now that his comments on this subject represent the only intellegent commentary I have come across since the subject of FSX was first mooted.

Radarman I salute you.

As for the countless others who fear they will be unable to upgrade their systems to run the new FS or the even greater numbers who are expecting something that will never come....let me offer this grain of comfort.

FS9 was a classic yesterday.It is a classic today,and it will still be a classic tomorrow.


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CrashGordon Chief Captain

Microsoft is not going to come out with a product that most users can't use. While they are known for adding bloat to everything they touch, it should be noted that they unlikely to create something that their target audience can't afford the hardware for.

Microsoft is not a bunch of enthusisasts creating something for other enthusiasts. They are a business that looks at the bottom line. How many copies do you think they will sell if you have to buy $1000 in hardware to use it?

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