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ive been tryin to download aircraft to fs 2004 but i just cant do it atall.ive read forums and still cant do it. ive heard that to download planes to your p.c you need to burn them to a disk.if this is true do you need 2 disk slots on your p.c to do this.if that isnt true then how can i get them onto my fs 2004 fs disk.

pleaseeeeee somebody help me.

thank you to who ever has the best solution.

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You don't need to burn them unless you want to keep them for backup.
Just download them and follow these installation instructions.
Whatever you don't understand, ask.


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The only reason to burn them to CD is if you think you might need to reload them at some point. It's just more convenient than having to download them again. If your question is how can you save them on your original game disks, you can't.

I create a download folder on my hard drive and that's where I download everything, it makes it easy to find. You have the files on your hard drive when you download them and if you aren't worried about a hard drive failure, or a major computer crash where you would need to format your drive you have the files there unless you delete them. Saving them to CD from there allows you to free up hard drive space if you then want to delete the download file from your hard drive once you have installed it.


which option is the best to use

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If it's something I want to keep I save it to CD. Use the rewritable CD's and just add them like you would to your hard drive. I would say that's the best option since that's what I do. I don't like having to track down the file again from the net if I have to reload it.

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