Can you make framerate faster?

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can you make your frames go faster?

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What kind of frame rates are you getting? If you can get 28 fps that is considered enough.

There are things you can do if you can't get those frame rates. There is a download here on Fly Away that is supposed to increase frame rates, although from what I've seen posted it gives mixed results. About the only other thing you can do is cut back on graphics detail, that will increase frame rates but the sim won't be as detailed.

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Shut off water, textures and shadows. Put clouds as low as you can stand, the same with traffic. Scenery and autogen eat frames also so keep them in a mid range.
Clean out your old video drivers and load new ones.

If you need more help here, post your computer specs.
Good luck.


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i put mine all the way to good.....on a system with 1gb of ram

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Hmmm. More frames per second than humans can detect makes sense because???

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It's a funny, funny world Crash ol' buddy 😉

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oreo005 wrote:

can you make your frames go faster?

This has been discussed on various forums. The consensus of opinon is that, 24fps is the accepted variant for cine film. That is what you see when you visit the cinema.
I have mine locked at 30fps and get an average of 24fps to 28.99fps. I am also using Flight Environment and FS Meteo, with 512Mb Ram. I also close all uneccessary programmes - using "End it All" before starting up FS 2004


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