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Newbie here 😂

My age old Pentium 3 is finally giving up so its time to buy a new toy. What are the minimum PC specs I should be looking at to get the best out of FS2004?
What are people on here running and with what results?
Does FS2004 need patching to run the latest SLI graphics cards or is it happy running them?

All comments welcome!


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For me,
My P4 3.0E prescott with 1 gig. of PC 3200 mem, and my GF 6600 GT run the sim very nicely.
Having said that, I would consider my system the minimum specs if you are going to build a new one.

FS2004 won't have any problems with the SLI graphics cards as far as I know, but you will be laying out a lot of money for an SLI system.

You'll need a big power supply too, as well as a
monitor capable of 1600X1200 resolution (that rules out most TFT/LCD monitors)

Rob P Guest


Agree with the comment on SLI - its more something that will make the system more future proof.

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Hiya -

I think a bigger question is what's your budget for the new PC replacement? See below for my computer specs. Keep in mind my graphics card is $300+ by itself. You don't need this to get great results.

If you are looking to keep the price down. I recommend if building your own. The below following.

AMD64 2800+
1GB PC3200 memory
ATI Graphics (no onboard graphics)
80GB minimum HDD

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