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Hi there

New to all this so be gentle.

I have been using the flight planning on fs2004 to do long-haul routes from uk to usa. why you put in a departure (say heathrow) and a destination (say JFK), why does it always route via some place way over above Seattle?

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that is the wierdest thing I have ever seen. 😳
If you take direct route GPS- it takes you straight there with the usual greet circle arc (acually shorter due to the earths diameter.
If you take high altitude airway - it takes you above the artic circle to Alaska, then down to the continental U.S. then back east to JFK
If you take low altitude airways - it takes you above the artic circle, east above Europe and Asia, across the pacific, then across the U.S. to JFK.

To answer your question.....I have no idea. Embarassed

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Manuel Agustin Clausse (Agus0404) Chief Captain

The default FS Flight Planner does that when flying across the Atlantic. The route is totally unrealistic. What you can do is buy a good Flight Planner or go here: to create a flight plan. Then you have to put all the waypoints manually. Or another way is to create your own route, which is a bit of time consuming.
I usually go to the site I gave you, create my flight plan, and then put up the waypoints, but sometimes I can't find a waypoint so I put whatever waypoint but it has to make sense with your flight plan.


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Steve (astrosteve) First Officer

Is there time compression in FS2004 for long flights????


Thanks Agustin, that is a good site, will take a bit of time to work it all out.
I have tried using the flight planning on fs2004 and removing the waypoints manually to cut the "unecessasy" part of the flight out. Trying it currently egll to jfk

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