The best ATI drivers for FS2004

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I got this from a tech support guy after reading it in a post elsewhere.
For FS9, ATI recommends using: driver rollback------- Catalyst 3.7-----
It is right now the driver of choice for FS9, according to ATI tech support.
I wonder if it is good in FS2002?. I forgot to ask.

Also, bury three chicken bones in your backyard and throw salt over your left shoulder standing on one foot while you do the install. 😂

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They're using 4.3 now so I would say that would be a safe and conservative bet for you.

🙄 Umm... My chicken has a problem. ROFL


Catalyst 4.3 not working well with FS9. The textures are blinking like clouds will go over the aircraft. I use ATI 9000 and there is the problem.
When I change to to 4.1 everthing is OK!
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Odd, it may depend entirely on the card.
I'm running 4.3 (9800Pro and FS9) and so far I'm very happy with them.
I guess the best bet it to try out different drivers until you find out which is best both for your card and system.

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I have the same problem with ATI 9000, i´ll change now to 3.7 or 4.1 then...

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If using NVita card,they recomend their latest download...It's called 56.56...I got it and it works fine......... 😀

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