Aeroworx B200 captains, please help

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my first crosscountry on my new B200 from KBOS to La Guadia....
this is a rainy windy night, everything seems to be fine. I am on a nice glideslope with AP until the runway and VASI are fully visible at about 700 feet alt when I disengage the AP. I keep descending at speed 125kt, 700 ft vsi, full flaps and gears. At alt 200 feet or so, the bird suddenly drops like a stone, I pull the yoke with full back presure, I dont even have time to trim before I crashed 100 feet ahead of the runway pavement. I dont know why it loses lift and drops like a rock, any idea?
btw, I always had landing problem with this B200 when I was practicing the pattern. I can do almost perfect landings with Conquest 441 and C172. I dont know whats wrong

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I just went KVNY to KPSP and it was an easy landing. I haven't seen this A/C do anything like what you've described. I'll try to set up using the conditions you described and see what happens.

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are you cutting power before you flare? because that could do it... even though most may not think so, this place decellerates at a pretty good rate. in this plane, hold about 750lbs/ft of torque through final and bring it down only into the 600s, no lower, until you're mid-flare, then cut the power and it should settle nicely.

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and also, i forgot to mention, on final shoot for about 121kts and try for 105 over the numbers...

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