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Hi Everyone,

This site is really great.

You guys are extremely educated/experienced by!!

While i am doing my approaches i just want the autopilot to keep me locked on with the runway.I want to control the speed,but when i try to lift the nose autopilot just adds trim to counter it.

Is there anyway that i can just have auto pilot keep me ligned up with the runway while i do the rest?

Thanks a bunch.
Im definately becoming a member here!

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Just don't engage the "APP" function of the A/P. When you tell it to fly the Approach, that is what it does. Just keep the A/P on "NAV" (with the NAV radio tuned to the ILS and the runway heading entered, of course) and it should continue to fly that course, and you can control the attitude/descent to your heart's content.



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Thanks guest ed!!

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