The first Cessna!

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Back to basics - they even supply pants made from very fine material - so you really get that " flying by the seat of.............."

New in Avsim -

"File Description:
FS2004 1928 Cessna AW multi aircraft addon pack. New from the studios of Lionheart Creations comes the vintage 'Model A' Cessna, the first ever aircraft for Clyde Cessna to produce with his own new aircraft company. This package includes two versions of the famed Cessna AW canti-levered mono-plane, one with the Warner Scarab engine, bicycle style wheels, and tail skid. The other version is equipped with the nose cone/spinner, Anzanni radial engine, steerable tail wheel, and wider bubble tires for rough field landings. There are two versions of colors for each and variations of colored interiors as well as two verions of spinner textures which include brushed aluminum. These models are moderately animated and detailed and include opening doors, full VC's with only the pilot taken out for photography purposes. I highly recommend using this aeroplane in Bill Lyons Golden Wings GW3. If you like flying your classics low and slow, this might be a nice addition to your collection. Modeled in Gmax. By William Ortis, Lionheart Creations Ltd."

Nice interior - but where's the drive
They might just have overdone the metallic shine!!

- think Radarman might enjoy this one!!!

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most of us already knew about this a week ago, but this is for sure a good plane.


topgun222 wrote:

most of us already knew about this a week ago, but this is for sure a good plane.

Apologies for not keeping up with everyone else Embarassed - only noticed it in Avsim's Daily Additions email of today.

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Thanks, I don't know how I missed it. Downloading it now.


..... and they now have the Executive class

... can you spot the bottle of wine?

- who the hell wants to fly Virgin First Class, when this way you can stop and smell the flowers???

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