Stick or Yoke?

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Hi all...New User from San Francisco, CA

Would appreciate hwearing what joystick or yoke you are using, and your recommendation. I was looking at the Logitech Extreme 3D(,CRID=12,CONTENTID=6954) in-store and it seemed like decent hardware--good feel, nice action, weighty. Anyone using it? (This one has twisting grip for rudder control which seems alot better than coordinating on the keyboard).

Yoke & pedal users: What do you recommend? I'm wondering about making the move in that direction also.


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Right now I'm using a MS Sidewinder USB stick and it's working quite well.
BUT, I would like a yoke and pedals...somewhere down the road.


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I fly with the CH yoke and pedals since I am used to a GA type of aircraft. Once they are tweeked, I think it is a very good simulation of a real aircraft. I am saving my pennies for the new CH multi throttle set to complete my Panther Navajo.

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