Problems with real-weather download

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sadfasdflkj Trainee

I've problems with the real-weather download.
I get a message that I should check my connection and configuration to the internet. A couple of days before I could download the real-weather.
Does anybody have the same problem?

Thx in advance.

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I have this problem on a regular basis. Usually after I have aborted the internet connection prior to or during the download. To download the real world weather after receiving the error, I have to manually start my internet connection.

This problem should, at least it has for me, clear itself and works when I start FS9 to fly the next time.

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sadfasdflkj Trainee

Before I start FS9 I connect to the internet, but I get this message regularly.
What can I do? Shall I re-install FS9?

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sadfasdflkj Trainee

I can't believe it, but it works I can download the real-weather.
Thanks for helping me.

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