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A couple of days ago I decided to set a flight plan up. I was going to fly a Boeing 737 out of Grand Forks AFB ND (my 1st duty station) and fly to Dyess AFB TX (Where Id like to be). I had a meeting at work I had to go to, so I ha dhte 737 cruising at 13K feet, and I dont know how fast because the gauge wasnt working. 😳 SO I put it on auto pilot and took off. I come back about 30-40 minutes later, I check my statues, and Im in Iowa 😳 ❓ Why did autopilot make a left turn into Iowa?

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You probally didn't flip the little switch that says Nav/GPS, make sure that is on GPS then, on the autopilot panel, press the Nav hold button.

As far as the airspeed guage, you probally needed heat. Turn Pitot heat on.

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