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For those with the Aeroworx King Air...

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

I'm definitly tempted to buy this plane. I love the King Air as it is, and this add on does look great for the price. My question is though, can you select only a 2d panel mode? Or will you always have the VCockpit/Cabin there? In FS9, even if you choose not to look at the VC it still renders, and I don't have the best simulator to be able to render that all the time!

If there is only the one mode, then how are the frame rates in it? As a reference I get in the low-teens with your average addon (PMDG/LDS) in high density areas, and high-teens or better in lower density (note, this is all while flying in 2d mode).

Thanks guys!

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jelami First Officer

you can select 2D only, 2D+Virtual Cockpit or 2D+Virtual Cockpit+Virtual Cabin. Your choice.
your gonna love this plane!! 😀

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

That was the answer I was looking for! I'm sold!

(Expect future questions Jelami 😉 )

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Hi Chaps,

Is it available on CD version, or just as a download ?


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Tailhook Chief Captain

Is this the a/c in question?

The GOOD NEWS is that the X-treme Edition is FREE for all registered users of version 1.0! There is also a CD ROM version planned for release soon.

Regards, Rick

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

Now lets see if I can beat Pro-Sim to this addon....think I've only done that once before! 😀

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