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Do i have to use the panel that you said that i should use - 'greg737' because i can't actually find it.


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if you want Greg's panel, you find it here ➡


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Hi everyone.

I seriously cannot install panels or wing views - can anyone help me?
I can dowload them fairly easily but as soon as it gets to the bit about installing the panel or wing view, i am stuck. I am trying to workout tomthetank's idea of making your own wing views that he posted a couple of years back - you can find it here -

I would be grateful if anyone else could try it and so when you do it you can possibly give me a step by step instruction of its installation.

Thanks alot everyone, and I ask this as a favour.

from your good friend,


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Ok, I will assume that you have d/loaded the greg737 panel and are not sure what to do with it
Well 1st up open it 😉
Inside we find 4 folders,4 picture files and 2 note pad files and a PDF readme
Resize the open window so that is only 1/4 size(drag the screen from the bottom right while holding the left button on your mouse)
Now we need to navigate to the main fs folder so click Start(bottom left of screen,then click My Computer and double click the local disk C
Now look for a folder named Programs and double click
Now look for a folder called Microsoft Games,and double click
Now you should see a folder called Flight Simulator 9,double click it

Now you will see all the folders for the sim
Resize that page as above so that you can see both open folders
Open the fs9 Gauges folder

Goto the greg737 folder and open the gauges folder and from the top of the page select Edit and select all and then drag it across to the fs9 Gauges folder(put your mouse pointer over one of the symbols,press and hold the left mouse button and drag it over)

Now hit the green back arrow on both pages so we have the main fs9 and the 4 folders in the greg737

Open the Modules on both pages and drag the FSSound.dll over.NBow hit the green back on both pages
Now open the Aircraft folder and find the aircraft you want to add the wing views to and open it
Drag the greg panel folder over and you will be asked if you want to overwrite,select yes
Now open the panel and open the notepad named panel and at the top select Edit,Select all and everything should turn blue,press Edit again and select Delete,now everything should dissapear

Now open up your internet explore and come back to this page and copy this(put your mouse pointer over the //This Panel config and left click and hold and drag from left to right the 1st line and then down to the line----------------------------- then right click and select copy➡

// This Panel.cfg file created by FS Panel Studio -
// Built Monday, February 18, 2002 at 15:13 Build:1641

[Window Titles]
Window00=Main Panel
Window02=Overhead Panel
Window03=Mini Panel


gauge00=737-400!Airspeed, 0,64,83,82
gauge01=737-400!Flaps, 590,67,46,48
gauge02=737-400!Altimeter, 237,45,83,82
gauge03=737-400!Vertical Speed, 238,128,65,65
gauge04=737-400!Fuel Quantity, 236,204,98,48
gauge05=737-400!OMI Lights, 1,153,17,50
gauge06=737-400!Oil, 514,85,74,150
//gauge07=737-400!Clock, 17,147,66,65
gauge08=737-400!RMI, 1,211,83,100
gauge09=737-400!HSI, 86,162,150,150
gauge10=737-400!ADI, 85,39,150,130
gauge11=737-400!Gear Lever, 601,217,38,96
gauge12=737-400!Nose Gear Light, 601,183,25,15
gauge13=737-400!Left Gear Light, 589,198,25,15
gauge14=737-400!Right Gear Light, 614, 198 ,25,15
gauge15=737-400!Reverser Unlocked Left, 354,68,31,17
gauge16=737-400!Reverser Unlocked Right, 416,68,31,17
gauge17=737-400!AT Lim, 385,68,31,17
gauge18=737-400!Low Oil Left, 458,68,31,17
gauge19=737-400!Low Oil Right, 519,68,31,17
gauge20=737-400!Start Valve Left, 489,68,31,17
gauge21=737-400!Start Valve Right, 549,68,31,17
gauge22=737-400!Flaps Ext, 614,118,25,15
gauge23=737-400!Flaps Transit, 589,118,25,15
gauge24=737-400!Autopilot, 336,11,303,46
gauge25=737-400!Pitch Trim, 305,144,23,52
gauge26=737-400!Aileron Trim Indicator, 242,261,42,13
gauge27=737-400!Aileron Trim Switch, 248,276,30,22
gauge28=737-400!Rudder Trim Indicator, 285,261,42,13
gauge29=737-400!Rudder Trim Knob, 291,276,33,32
gauge30=737-400!Nav GPS Switch, 306,17,16,16
gauge31=737-400!Avionics Master Switch, 239,300,18,11
gauge32=737-400!Autobrake, 590,137,46,41
gauge33=SimIcons!Kneeboard Icon, 220,10,12,12
gauge34=SimIcons!ATC Icon, 235,10,12,12
gauge35=SimIcons!Map Icon, 250,10,12,12
gauge36=SimIcons!GPS Icon, 264,10,12,12
gauge37=737-400!Comm 1, 335,86,92,35
gauge38=737-400!Comm 2, 335,120,92,35
gauge39=737-400!Nav 1, 335,154,92,35
gauge40=737-400!Nav 2, 335,188,92,35
gauge41=737-400!Transponder, 335,222,92,36
gauge42=737-400!ADF, 335,257,92,36
gauge43=737-400!Audio, 335,293,92,20
gauge44=737-400!Throttle Quadrant, 504,234,93,78
gauge45=CPT.RKG_Fuelstat!FuelStatusSq_turbine, 431,242,73,39
gauge46=CPT.hs125.warning_lights, 435,287,66,15
gauge47=737-400!Main Set, 426,85,89,150
gauge48=ala_med!auto_land, 599, 36, 19, 19
gauge49=Davtron!M803, 17,147,66,65
gauge50=fpda_a330_callout, 0,0,0 ; FPDA
gauge51=FPDA_737_Reverser_Warning, 354, 39, 95


gauge00=fs9gps!gps_500, 0,0


gauge00=737-400!Engine Start Left, 515,1,41,28
gauge01=737-400!Engine Start Right, 592,0,41,29
gauge02=737-400!Deice Switch, 448,8,13,19
gauge03=737-400!Beacon Lights, 432,7,13,20
gauge04=737-400!Pitot Heat, 464,7,13,20
gauge05=737-400!Fuel Crossfeed, 561,2,28,27
gauge06=737-400!Landing Lights, 417,7,13,20
gauge07=737-400!Strobe Lights, 386,7,13,18
gauge08=737-400!Navigation Lights, 403,7,13,20
gauge09=extra-300.wiskey-compass, 564,40,34,31
gauge10=FPDA_aircond_switch, 341,7,8,25
gauge11=HGHB_NO-SMOKING, 291,9,20,20
gauge12=HGHB_SEAT-BELTS, 258,9,20,20
gauge13=RKG_buttons!AutoStart_button, 495,4,18,22
gauge14=dfd_soundsw1!snd_sw1, 232, 33 ,6,12
gauge15=dfd_soundsw2!snd_sw2, 243,33,6,12
gauge16=dfd_soundsw3!snd_sw3, 254,33,6,12
gauge17=dfd_soundsw4!snd_sw4, 265,33,6,12
gauge18=dfd_soundsw5!snd_sw5, 276,33,6,12
gauge19=dfd_soundsw6!snd_sw6, 288,33,6,12
gauge20=dfd_soundsw7!snd_sw7, 300,33,6,12
gauge21=dfd_soundsw8!snd_sw8, 312,33,6,12
gauge22=dfd_soundsw9!snd_sw9, 323,33,6,12
gauge23=dfd_soundsw10!snd_sw10, 334,33,6,12
gauge24=Taxispeed-WHM!Taxi Speed-Gauge, 152,23,70,19
gauge25=Rel_Wind_Ind-v2.1!RelativeWind, 513,38,30,30



gauge00=MiniPanel!Airspeed, 0, 50, 105, 105
gauge01=MiniPanel!Attitude, 105, 60, 90, 90
gauge02=737-400!HSI, 195, 0,150,150
gauge03=MiniPanel!Altimeter, 345, 50, 100, 100
gauge04=Extra-300!Vertical-Speed, 445, 50, 95, 95
gauge05=737-400!Flaps, 550, 20, 50, 50
gauge06=737-400!Pitch Trim, 550, 75, 25, 70
gauge07=Schweizer!Spoilers, 580, 75, 20, 70
gauge08=Cessna182rg!Gear Light, 610, 60, 20, 15
gauge09=737-400!Gear Lever, 610, 85, 20, 60


gauge00=737-400!OMI Lights, 121,294,17,56
gauge01=737-400!Airspeed, 250,379,129,129
gauge02=737-400!RMI, 384,362,124,149
gauge03=737-400!Altimeter, 144,409,102,102
gauge04=737-400!Vertical Speed, 41,410,99,101
gauge05=737-400!Clock, 140,303,99,99
gauge06=737-400!ADI, 320,0,192,166
gauge07=737-400!HSI, 322,166,186,193
gauge08=737-400!Fuel Quantity, 2,338,115,55
gauge09=737-400!Main Set, 0,0,172,293
gauge10=737-400!Oil, 171,0,142,291
gauge11=737-400!Flaps, 261,291,58,58
gauge12=737-400!Nose Gear Light, 79,295,38,19
gauge13=737-400!Left Gear Light, 1,417,35,17
gauge14=737-400!Right Gear Light, 1, 474 ,35,17
gauge15=737-400!Flaps Ext, 42,295,34,18
gauge16=737-400!Flaps Transit, 244,354,36,18
gauge17=737-400!Reverser Unlocked Left, 82,316,34,17
gauge18=737-400!Reverser Unlocked Right, 283,354,36,18
gauge19=737-400!AT Lim, 44,316,34,17
gauge20=737-400!Start Valve Left, 1,455,35,16
gauge21=737-400!Low Oil Left, 1,437,35,16
gauge22=737-400!Low Oil Right, 1,398,35,16
gauge23=737-400!Start Valve Right, 1,494,35,16
gauge24=Magnetic_Compass!Magnetic-Compass, 1,294,39,39


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Close down the internet and go to the empty notepad file and right click the middle of the notepad and select Paste then close the notepad and select yes

We are nearly there just one more thing to do
Open the sound folder in the Fs9 folder and the sound folder in the greg737
Select all the sounds and drag it over to the main fs Sound folder

Thats it. Close all open windows and fire up fs9 and get in that plane 😉

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