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Maurice Smith (Mauries) Trainee

Almost every time I now use my FS2004 flight sim the system crashes.

I can get the aircraft off the ground but generally if I turn on the GPS within a few seconds the screen goes black and all I can do is to reboot.
I was told I needed more memory so I increased it to one gig but this has made no difference

Any suggestions please?

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

Can you give us the specs of your system?It seems like a VGA problem.Try to set up FS video options to low (clouds disable)and let us know. 😉

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Maurice Smith (Mauries) Trainee

Thanks for your interest. My computer is Intel 2.4 GHZ with 1 ghz of ram. I am using a Dell 19" crt monitor with a Nvidia Geforce FX5200 128meg video card.

I can start FS2004 and get an aircraft off the ground but soon after the screen goes black and my only option is a reboot from the computer reset switch. The problem does not occur on any other program??


Maurice Smith

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Maurice Smith (Mauries) Trainee

Changing the cloud stting to low seems to solve the problem. Does this mean I cannot use a higher cloud setting?

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Insight Chief Captain

the standard question I am going to have to ask is do you have the latest drivers etc?

Maybe the clouds don't get on well with your card's chipset?

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Your CPU and 1 gig of ram are good but your video card is old. We've had a number of our members junk that card for a new one. Do a search here for FX5200.

If you keep using it don't use the latest drivers, older cards can't handle them, go back to some of the older drivers.

Let us know how it works.


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