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Hi I have been trying to land the 747 over and over again and no matter what i do the wheels always seem to pop back up for less than a second. I recorded a video of my landing maybe from see this someone can tell me what i am doing wrong. I try to keep the plane slow enough yet fast enough to make it to the runway and i seem to be coming down ok but at the last second the plane seems to drop more and hit harder and it bounces a bit like in this video:

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I have to say that it is a very good landing CoasterXtreme. But sometimes i have the same problem. What works for me is trimming the plane upwards a very tiny bit (num pad 1) about 3 miles from the runway. Then the plane will want to stay in the air but with enough forward pressure on your joystick or whatever it might not drop at the last second. If it does not work i don't know what to tell you. Good Luck and happy flying! Very Happy

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Do you know what your speed is at that point?

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The approach was very good, but I think you should flare a little more just before touch down. If you are at the right speed, the VSI will show a very slow descent that will make for a good touchdown.

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