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Flying from Luton to Malaga

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Michael Thomas (SteveT) Chief Captain

Hello all. At the moment i am flying from Luton to malaga in an Airbus(IFDG) A319 Easyjet. I am at my cruising altitude FL260 and will arrive in about 1hour and a bit. Flight is going well and I hope for a smooth landing as I am one for bumpy landings. So... thats how my flights going.. how is yours going? P.S I am going to be hanging aound this forum for quite a while so keep sending in the posts otherwise all get bored

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Jon Van Duyn (JVD) Captain

Well, I've just taken off from Heathrow and am flying to Gatwick. The traffic is amazing not to mention the night lighting. I made this flight from EGLL to EGKK to test the AISmooth add-on. It' really does it's job. The aircraft are all in holding patterns and I haven't heard the ATC tell a plane to go around yet. Shocked

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beerbadger First Officer

were did you get that traffic thingy?? post a download!

P.S Why 26000 feet why not 34000?

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