Programms to improve or to add something to ur fs2004.

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Hi guys there millions of programs that makes ur fs nicer i have a programm for scenery whitch called rwy12 object placer in this programm u can add new b747's and aircraft carriers people boats trees hanger etc. there is another programm that can make more traffic in ur airport its called afcad this programm alows u to make new rwy's in airport gate taxi lines and more paking for ur plane moreover in this programm u can build ur own airport whereever u want, another program that i am using called addon manager in this programm u can rebuilt ur plane if ur plane doesnt have a cockpit or sound or a view or texture u can add to this plane all the stuff that ur plane doesnt have or missed, i got another programm great one called Ultimate traffic and ultimate weather in these 2 programs u can watch in which altitud there are clounds and what the traffic on ground in air and other and another programm calles fs nva this programm is better then the gps u can look for ur plane and to make a flights there and its shows the traffic in the radar guys any quastion ???

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Did you get permisssion from the copyright holder to reproduce that pic in the forum? 🙄

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vlad (tiger7881) First Officer

Why whats the problem with my pic?
Twisted Evil

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Royi SHer owns the copyright...

Did you ask permission from him (or her??) to reproduce the image? 🙂

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It doesnt matter i saw alot of members fiong that so dont worry everything is fine !!! and i went to that site and i downloaded about 30 pic from that site so it doesnt matter !!!! Evil or Very Mad

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It does matter.

People are politely trying to tell you not to place copyrighted images on this forum.

All pics are fully copyrighted and no-one wants you to risk this forum being taken to court for breach of copyright.

Suggest you edit the post and remove the pic.... no-one's picking on you, you just gotta be careful with using pics from or other copyrighted sources.

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