My new 'Group of Flyers' Club - See here for Details!!!

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Hello all.

Tonight i am going to try and get as many people as possible to fly around 6pm - uk time. There aren't alot of people flying around that time - so i thought that it would be a great idea if we here at Flyaway set up a little group of members to all fly at the same time every weekday!

So... If you would like to take part in this 'group of flyers' as I like to call it, then please send me a PM before 6pm - tonight. I have already got about 3 people to do it with me. And remember this is going to run every weekday around 6pm - UK time.

At the week-ends we could organise a time but for now we'll just keep to week-nights.

Remember - if you want to join us - then send me a PM!



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Guests are also welcome!

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I can't be home from work early enough to be flying at that time unfortunately

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