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😞 could any one help please i have installed fl sim 2004 on my computer windows XP aircraft hop down taxiways and runways any help please would be appreciated thanks loner001

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😕 I'm not to certain that I understand what you are getting at. If you mean that the aircraft "stutters" in flight (jerky moves) then it's your video card. It either needs new drivers or it isn't strong enough to handle the settings that you have.
Try turning down all the graphic setting and see how that works.
List all your system specs to give us a better idea.
Let us know how you are doing.

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Rae.Johns (loner001) Trainee

hi radar man its doing what you said its jerky on taxiways and on take off i've tried decreasing the settings but to no avail i'll enquire about the video card and try and get a more powerfull one thanks for help

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