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While flying west of KNKX - Miramar MCAS, San Diego, California, I encountered an error twice and reported it to Microsoft when asked to do so. This is the only location I have found this error in all my flying so far. Anyone else find the same error?

Happy flying everyone!


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Hello 😀 Do you have any add on scenery in that area?

The only problems I have found are the odd graphic glitch ie mountians several miles high with sink holes going miles down
Ill have a float around and post it here

Any one else found any oddities?

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Jim Glockner (jimmyglockner) Trainee

Thank you for your quick reply Tomthetank.

No, I do not have any add on scenery.

I am glad you mentioned the mile high mountains and sink holes. I will keep an eye out for them.

Again, thanks for your help.


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tomthetank may be right.

🙄 You gave me an excellent excuse to take my old bus, the flying love of my life my ❤️ DC3 up for an "airing-out". We flew out over the few miles of land separating Miramar from the sea and back again without incident. 🤔

Have you downloaded any AFCAD's or any other scenery for the San Diego area. Idea

What was the message about that you had to send to MS. Unsure


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The message was generated automatically by Microsoft. All it said was that an error had occured and I had the choice of sending the report to them or not. In both cases, I choose to send the report iin the hopes that they will be able to make a patch for the problem.

P.S. - The only scenery I have in FS2004 is the original scenery.


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tomthetank Chief Captain

🙂) Found it
Have a go at this take of from SYKM runway 7, turn to about 100 and head for the mountians(slew is quicker)
And there she is Fear them holes is deep man Fear

Im sure there must be more of strange things

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Jim Glockner (jimmyglockner) Trainee

Thank you TomtheTank. I will check that out the next tiime I am flying (probably first thing tomorrow).

Have a great day.




Maybe a late reply, but I have found an other place where FS2004 errors into a dump. Sending it to MS does not help.

The error is in an area of the French Alps, flying from waypoint BARSO to IRMAR it errors at N44* 33.8X - E6* 49.XX. There is a whole area here north of N44* 33.XX.

I experimented with it a lot. In my oppinion it has something to do with the date. MS9 seems to mix winter and authum/spring sceneries between seasons. Depending on altitude some area's remain in winter, some lower already get spring scenery.

The flying in above mentioned area will error FS2004 if the date is set between Feb -15 and April 15 and November 20- December 31.

I guess that wil be similar for other area's.

Anybody here to verify my findings??

So a solution to these kind op problems seem to be to set the date to a real summer or winter time.

Happy flying,


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Ya might as well turn that M$oft warning thingie off. Most of the time it'll crash the operating system when ya tries ta send it. Current viewpoint all over the web is ... Junk It! Somewhere in the Control Panel is a way to turn it off.

You also never get anything back from Redmond ack-ing or any post to say it's being/been fixed. Waste of time.

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