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Hi everyone. I have had MS Flight Sim 2004 for the last while now, but I've never got any of the many add-ons that I believe people distribute online for it. When I searched for add-ons I found hundreds of different downloads of all kinds.

So I'm basically just wondering if anyone could recommend the best or most "essential" downloads for FS2004? The best textures, aircrafts, utilities etc. Like I said, I have nothing at all added to the game and am a bit of a newbie as regards these add-ons so any help would be much, much appreciated.

Thanks a lot in advance, JTH 🙂

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What do you like to fly?

Might help establish what sort of aircraft you will consider essential too 🙂

I like to fly the DC-3 or my Spitfire mostly, for example


Thanks a lot for the reply. I do enjoy bigger jets, 737s and the like, but I'm certainly not restricted to Boeing planes.

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in which case I won't be able to help recommend any aircraft..

Radarman may well be able to help as he knows everything 😛

and FEM flies the heavies I think..

Are you looking for freeware or payware, or doesn't it matter?


Doesn't really matter so much, whatever is the best, thanks 😀

Perhaps you could help me with scenery add-ons and the like? I hear there are some really good ground terrains out there.

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there are some very good scenery packages out there.

where abouts are you from / where would you be interested in getting scenery for?

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Here's my two cents on some essentials as a newbie:

1. Get the "FS2004 NoCD" file, if you don't already have it. It's the only way to go.
2. If you're not counting buying some of the fantastic purchased aircraft, my favorite airplane is the "SAAB 340B" by Mike Stone ( As much as I like to fly heavies, the propellors and dash on this aircraft are too much fun to fly.
3. I would definitely get the "Altitude Callout" by either Rob Barendregt or David Marshall. Either one works great. There's nothing like having a co-pilot calling out "300 feet, 200 feet, 100 feet" as you're bring your plane down to the tarmack. Makes landings much easier.
4. I agree that one of the "Airport Environment Upgrades" is an essential, but it does depend on where you fly out of. You'll notice a big improvement on the appearance of your runways, lighting, and airport buildings immediately when loaded.

Best of all, these are all free for downloading. Good luck and have fun! It's an addictive little thing this FS. George

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Thanks. Where can I get the altitude caller and the airport environment upgrades?

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This is the runway texture that most of us use, don't forget to back up your texture folder before adding it in case you don't like it.

The other, I don't know what they mean.


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You can sign up here for free and you can get loads of aircraft, scenery, utilities, and other stuff for free. 😎

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As Agus0404 said, just establish an account with Avsim and you can do searches to find everything, e.g. type "Environment Upgrade". Usually, the installation instructions that come with the downloads are sufficient to complete the installation, but if you are not sure, it's always better to ask here for more help. Good luck. George

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