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i am new to this fs9, can anyone tell me how to and what are the bits and pieces needed from any 3D cockpit to use in another type of plane. i have afew planes with just the main panel and nothing else.

as i said new to this so as simple as poss would help, can copy and paste stuff but not write code.

cheers Pedro

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Jaap Verduijn Guest

Greetings Pedro!

You can't, unfortunately. The 3D cockpit or Virtual Cockpit (VC) is part of the aircraft model, and VC's are not switchable or "aliasable" to other aircraft like 2D panels. Sorry.

Be well!

Jaap Verduijn.

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Unfortunately he's 100% correct...but. You can look for a panel that's made for your aircraft, if it's a popular one someone may have made a better one.
On the bottom left you can go to the next of about 10 pages of panels.
I hope you can find the one you want.


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