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Can't find another post on this subject so can someone tell me how to edit the cfg files since some of the addons require you to do this.

Each time I've tried I get denied and told that I don't have the software necessary to do this.

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Thanks RM.

I was able to open and modify the cfg files using MS Notepad. When I would try to open one of the cfg files, Windows would ask if you want to go online and look up which program was used to create the file or if you just want to choose a program from a list to open the cfg files. You can choose Notepad right from the list. Problem solved. Thanks again.


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Also recommend wordpad for editing code, can understand unix line breaks that notepad has trouble with.

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When I try to save a .cfg file on any airplane after editing it wont let me,it says I don't have permission to change and to contact an administrator. Does anyone know how to deal with this situation?

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The problem is probably due to you installing FS into a Program Files folder. Modern operating systems do not allow changes to files in these folders without very special user permissions. You apparently do not have that permission.

One way to edit files in this case is to copy the cfg file to the desktop, edit it, save it, and then copy it back over to the original folder, overwriting the original cfg file.

Hope this helps,


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