How much have you spent on FS9 so far?

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liam (Liono) Chief Captain

Just curious how much you have spent so far. Me let's see

FS9 £29.99
FS Terrian £29.99
PMDG 737NG £29.99
Traffic 2004 £19.99
747-200 RFP £19.99
Concorde £19.99
Simplates £20.00
SimRoutes £21.00
Joystick £19.99
Mic £4.99
Wilco CRJ £4.99
FSPassengers £20.00 (I think!!!!!)
PSS Airbus A320 £15.00
Active Sky5 £20.00 (Ithink!!!!!)

A grand total of £295.91 or US$523.85.

Ouch that's alot just thinking about and that's not including all the hardware updgrades I've done in the last year as well just for FS9.

What about you guys?

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Chris102 Chief Captain

FS9 - $29.99
nVidia Card that doesn't work - $80.00
The LZ Blackhawk - $7.00
The LZ Bell 212 (2) - $14.00
The LZ Boeing Chinook - $7.00
Nemeth Designs Mi-17 (Why did I buy this?) - $23.00
Aerosoft Manhattan Scenery - $35.00
Aerosoft Seahawk - $54.00
Legendary 707 - $39.99
Alphasim Seakings - $18.00
Joystick - $85.00

Grand Total - (approx) $393 USD

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Martin (Blake14) First Officer

FS9- 29.99$
Free upgrades??- priceless

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Mustangfreak First Officer

FS9 - $28.99
FSPassengers - $whatever it cost in US.
Logitech joystick - $28

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Jake (JarJarBinks) Chief Captain

lets see eh

game: around $30.00
joystick: around $50.00
d/load account: $5.00
d/loads: priceless

and our grand total is: $85.00!

lot o f money for me cause it came out of MY pocket. but I have good news Ive just saved tons of money on my car ensurence by switching to GICO.

exuse my spelling and I dont have a car I just thought Ide be a little funny eh eh... come on can I get a laugh a hee hee? ho ho? ha ha? come on dont leave me hanging.

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WarHawk42 Captain

JarJarBinks wrote:

I dont have a car I just thought Ide be a little funny eh eh... come on can I get a laugh a hee hee? ho ho? ha ha? come on dont leave me hanging.


There I gave you a laugh. 😀

FS2004 $29.95.

Already had the joystick.

Free downloads.

$5.00 for FlyAway.

Total, $34.95

Upgrades to the computer don't count, that was in the works anyway.

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

Uh....lets not go's scary to think about it!

In no particular order:
Ultimate Traffic / Ultimate Terrain (USA) / Aeroworx King Air / PMDG 737 + upgrade / PMDG 747 / SSW A310 / PSS A320 + united colors for A319 and A320 / PSS 777-200LR on pre-order with united colors / PSS Dash-8 / Feelthere CRJ series / Feelthere ERJ-145 / FS2Crew / FSBuild 2.2 / ActiveSky V / World Airports 2 (SimFlyers) / FlyTampa SFO / FlyTampa MDW / LDS 767 / CH-Rudder Pedals / CH-Yoke / Logitec 350 headset / I'm sure I forgot some

Grand total, most likely $1000. Jeez, thanks for making me feel bad guys 😉 ....

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WarHawk42 Captain

originalgrunge wrote:

Grand total, most likely $1000. Jeez, thanks for making me feel bad guys 😉 ....

But look on the bright side, sooner or later FS2006 will be out and we will get to spend some more money.


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CrashGordon Chief Captain

FS/FSP/FSBuild/ASV/PMDG737NG/800/900/PMDG747/PMDG Express 1900C/D/CaptainSim Legendary C130/Legendary 727/LevelD 767/FeelThere Cessna 208B/CRJ200/900/ERJ145/F1 ATR72-500/FS Water/Pilatus PC12/Ultimate Terrain US/Ultimate Traffic/Aeroworx KingAir 200/MegaScenery SoCal/Logitech Extreme 3D Pro/EagleSoft CitationX/BeechJet 400/Raytheon Premier I. I figure that's about $800

The only good news is there is not much left to buy. 😳

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Insight Chief Captain

i refuse to add it up 🙂

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Sam (SamIntel) Captain

CH Yoke: $110
CH Rudder Pedals: $110
Sky-Decks 737 NG Panel: $13
Flight Simulator: $40
Pilatus PC-6Porter: $25
C-152: $18
Leval D 767: $40
B1900: $15
Membership at Flyaway: $5
C-177: $23
Logitech Joystick: $30
FS panel studio: $30
New PC just to run FS: $1000

TOTAL: $1459

Wooo Whistle

Grand total, most likely $1000. Jeez, thanks for making me feel bad guys

You're not alone anymore.

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Manuel Agustin Clausse (Agus0404) Chief Captain

You guys have lots of addons! I wish I have the time to buy more addons. During my firsts months with FS2004, I refused to buy any addon. Don't ask me why...I don't even know 😂

Well, here's my short list:

FS2004: € 49.99
Logitech Extreme 3D Pro: €29.99 (I think...)
A340 Professional: €49.99, including the shipping.

The downloads.

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

SamIntel wrote:

...New PC just to run FS: $1000

Wooo Whistle

...You're not alone anymore.

It's good to have company 😉 I'm definitly looking at a computer upgrade soon too, my 3 1/2 year old laptop is starting to really struggle over here!

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Pro-Sim First Officer

What a depressing post 😉 just kidding but it will be when I've worked this out:-

- PMDG 737NG £30
- PMDG 737 800/900 £24
- PMDG 747 £30
- Airbus A340 Pro £24
- Wilco CRJ £24
- Wilco ERJ £35
- SSW A310 £22
- Majestic Dash 8-300 £22
- Flight 1 ATR 72 £30
- Level D 767 £24
- Captain Sim 727 £20
- Flight 1 C152 £14
- Flight 1 C172 £14
- Flight 1 Archer £20
- FScene Vol 1 £24
- FScene Vol 2 £24
- FS Global £24
- FS Traffic 2004 £24
- FS Terrain £24
- British Airports Vol 1 £24
- World Airports 2 £24
- Flight Sim Commander 7 £24
- FDC Live Cockpit £24
- FS Passengers £20
- Aerosoft Canaries 2004 £24
- Aerosoft Balearics & Gibralter 2004 £24
- Visual Flight London £20
- VMAX 747-200 RFP £24
- CH Yoke £120
- CH Rudder Pedals £99
- CH Throttle Quad £120
- ATI Radeon X800 256/256mb £245
- RAM upgrade, extra 1024Mb £90
- 17" TFT £99
- 19" TFT £180 (arrived today!)
- Dell 3.0Ghz P4 (Bought specifically for FSimming) £900

(How I wish I'd bought an AMD 64 intead of a Pentium 4 Embarassed )

So, that's a grand total of £2,562 (around $4300), all connected to FS and all in the last 18 months !

Crying or Very sad 😂

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Manuel Agustin Clausse (Agus0404) Chief Captain

David, you beat us all! It's incredible the quantity of addons you have. Blink


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liam (Liono) Chief Captain

Pro-Sim that's alot of money. Mine is within the last 12 months plus if you adding your computer compents I think mine beats yours hands down. Here goes

Before the troubles PC £1200.00

Then to get it fixed after someone broke it
Motherboard £80
P4 3.06g £120
Graphics Card £250.00
Aztec Cooling Fan £40.00
1024mb Memory £40.00
Case £40.00
Sound Card £30.00
PSU £39.99

A grand total of £699.99 plus £1200 for the orginal PC then the Add ons £295.91 this all comes to £2195.90. OK not nearly as much as yours but close enough 😀

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Kareem El-Sadi (crosscheck9) Captain

$0 and going for less
(excluding upgraded hardware which is necessary in some cases, unlike those add-ons 😎 )

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Jon Van Duyn (JVD) Captain

Well, right now I don't know how weak the Rand is compared to the Dollar so I can't exactly give you my statistics with costs as I bought most of my stuff off Simmmarket online and converted the prices into rands.The rest were just gifts from the UK. Anyway here's what I got:

Ch Flightstick Pro/2 x Microsoft Sidewinders/CH throttle quadrant/PSS 320 Pro/PSS 340 Pro/PSS Dash 8/PMDG 747/PMDG 737/PMDG 1900D/FlightSoft Hong Kong/FS Terrain/UK 2000 Heathrow Pro/Simflyers Manchester/Eaglesoft Citation X/Fs Navigator/Ultimate Traffic/VMAX 747 200/France VFR- La Reunion/many PC Pilot magazines and I've probably forgotten to mention one or two items.

What can I say, I'm addicted to buying quality add-ons. I even had Airbus 2000 [originaly known as Airbus and Toulouse ] by PILOTS for FS 98.

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Pro-Sim First Officer

Hey Agus / folks,

I don't regret a single bean (penny) that I've spent of FS as I take the hobby pretty seriously (you'd have to wouldn't you to spend that much cash! 😂 )...

I constantly like to look towards the next improvement I can make to the set-up to make the flight simming feel as real as possible.

I ain't no casual flyer, I lile to fly the most complex add-ons that are available - I'm not showing off, I'm saying I really enjoy the challenge of getting knee deep in to a 400 page manual.... then coming out of the other end a couple of weeks later and being able to fly the plane, properly and procedurally.

Fab add-ons like Level D 767, PMDG 747 and the soon to be released PSS 777 and Feelthere 737 PIC offer so much realism that I'm constantly trying to improve the hardware set-up to keep pace !

That said..... There are around 25% of the add-ons on that list that I NEVER use (I should sell them or give them away), so I guess there is a bit of wasted cash in there Crying or Very sad but hey, that's where being an eccentric millionnaire helps ! 🙄 😉

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain


Fs9-50 bucks at office Max
FsPax- 38.50
ActiveCamera- however much it was...i got it as a gift
Ut2004-Also got as gift
Throttle Quadrant from GoFlight-399.95
New PC from dell-1,523$
ATI X800XT PE- 530
3 new joysticks, 19.99, 28.99, 17.99

$ 2608.42

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Manuel Agustin Clausse (Agus0404) Chief Captain

I completely understand you, David. I like to make my simulator as better as possible. And I want it to look pretty nice.


ok I have bought:

-fs 2004 twice because the first broke so that's about 75euros
-A340 professional 29.99euros (i love it)
-727 professional 29.99 euros
-traffic 2004 19.99 euros
-concorde professional 39.99 euros
- world airports 2 $35 + shipping
- A380 by wilco 19.99 euros

and i think that's all and all for 130 euros approx.[/quote][/list]

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CrashGordon Chief Captain

Or, as the TV commercial does it:

FS: $29
Addons: Lots of Dollars
Not having to go thru aiport security: Priceless

amod Guest

hmm.. not to mention that I assembled a simple PC just for flight sim.. cost $250. (mostly refurbished parts)

fs9 - $20 (walmart.. yay)
fs2crew - ($30) I think
PMDG 6/7/8/900 - (49.99 + 29.99)
fspassengers - $39
CH yoke - $120
TrackIR Pro - $120
new geforce 6200 graphics card (I was using integrate sucky graphics card till now) - $55

wow that adds up real fast 😞

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Michael_H First Officer

FS9: about $80.00 Can.

PMDG 737 ng: about $40.00.

that's about it really. a lot of freeware aiplanes.

But plenty on hardware upgrades that I probably never would have done if it were not for the sim.

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Jared Captain

hmmm. thats a tough one. well in some sort of order

FS9, joystick, perfect flight B717 and NWA adventures, PMDG B1900D and the whole 737 series, Captain Sim c-130, Carenado Cessna 182, Flight 1 Cessna Skyhawk, Aeroworx King Air, thats it for now. So how ever much that is, then that is how much I have spent.

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