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Do the 3D vision glasses [supplied by eDimensional] have mini screens [monitors] built in for you to look at in-order for one to see the 3D objects ❓ Otherwise does one have to look through them towards the PC's monitor in order to see the 3D objects ❓

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i think it says you have to have a CRT monitor, So I am guessing you look through them at the monitor somehow

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Jon Van Duyn (JVD) Captain

That's quite dissapointing because it would be wonderful if they had built in mini screens. If they ever made that I would most definatley buy the Track IR pro along with the 3D glasses.

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I have it and installed it. It works on the principle that they shattering on high speed one or other (left/right glass) and tilting the picture on the monitor. First it works just with crt monitors and over that not with any crt monitors. At the first it is incredible effect but later on it is very nice to show it to wife/friends. Because the way it operating the view becomes dimmer and usually U are busy with your keyboard and so on.

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