Need moderators help registering.

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I am having a real problem getting registered here. I went through the process and paid the fee with Paypal but when I got to step 2 where I set up my user name, I got an error stating that my e-mail address was already registered. So, I am stuck. I finally tried to do it with with another e-mail address, but that failed because there was no record of a payment by that e-mail name.
I did all this about six days ago with user name Michael_H.

I have sent two e-mails to to try to get it sorted out, but up to now they have not replied.

Any ideas what to do....thanks Michael H.

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Oops! Flyaway will be here in a few hours and he can clear it all up for you.
I haven't any way of helping you with accounting.
Sorry for the problem.

Michael_H Guest

Thanks Radarman,

I forgot to mention in the above message that I sent accounting the paypal transaction ID number as well as the details.

thanks for the

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Fly Away Simulation (Flyaway) Site Admin

send a mail to ryan.barclay(at) - he will be able to help you. Replace the (at) with @

Michael_H Guest

Thanks Flyaway,

I sent him the

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Michael_H First Officer

thanks gentlemen,

problem solved... 😀


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