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My friend is having a problem with his FS2000 gaming experience. On Short finals, autopilot is automatically disengaged, autothrottle is automatically disengaged, (he doesn't fly by the book 🙄 ) and the aircraft is reduced to idle. What may be the cause for his problem. Again, please note this is FS2000. Thanks

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hello friend,
i have been a pilot for 20 years.... please tell me what airplane your flying.

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

Boy good lord, it could be a number of things actually. When you think about it, Fs00 is like OLD as all hell...maybe just a glitch, could it possibly be that his PC is too new or something?

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michlin First Officer

I used to have a similar situation. It usually happened minutes after take-off. My landing gear and flaps would actuate at various times without input from me, and that's after I had just retracted them. I would retract both again and seconds later they would extend. With exceptions to Trim and Throttle, I removed all joystick assignments and those two problems finally disappeared - for good.

It seems movement in my joysyick in the course of just flying the plane was inadvertently causing the buttons to move just enough to initiate their assigned commands.

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Thanks for your replies everyone. You see, he doesn't fly with a joystick. He prefers to stick with the keyboard, so that couldn't be the problem. He tells me his computer can barely run it. He's new to the country, and he's just running on anything he can find. Could it be that his computer is so weak it's causing these glitches? Again, thanks for all your help. I understand FS00 is old. He would get newer versions of FS, but it would require major system upgrades, and he can't afford them as of now.

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