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I downloaded a Lancair Legacy for FS2002. It is absolutely brilliant! The only problem was that you could not use the autopilot in GPS mode. Then I found Ken Stallings patch to solve this for FS2004. I downloaded and installed it on my FS2002. The VOR/GPS flip switch is there but when you open the GPS window there is just a blank black square. I assume that it is looking for the FS04 GPS (I don't have FS04 for various reasons). Have you got any idea how I can get to see the GPS and have the flip switch so that I can use the autopilot in GPS mode on the Legacy in FS02.

Many thanks

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😕 The GPS in fs9 is intergrated into the main program so no matter what sort of tweaks you make you will not get it in fs2002.
If you are trying to get the 2002 radar map on an add on panel you will have to edit the panel config file(with notepad)
Open the new panel config file and a working panel config and go through it line by line (they will not be identical but you should find the missing line)
Hope this helps

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Does that mean if i change the panel config file in notepad, I can get it to open the gps for 2002 instead of the gps for 2004?

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Umm... Im not 100% sure but if you look at say a 737 panel in fs2002 the gps is in window02

[Window Titles]
window00=Main Panel
window01=Radio Stack
window03=Throttle Quadrant
window04=Overhead Panel

Now open your Lancair Legacy panel config and see whats in window02

Let me know Im in and out all night

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Hey Tom

I copied the whole GPS window section from the mooney and pasted in the lancair window gps section. It worked and has sorted out my promblem! many thanks for all your help!


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👍 Thanks for the update 👍

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