Are other planes supposed to show up in flight videos?

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I've been goofing around with FS2004 for a couple months now and I had the coolest trick all planned out and it worked beautifully.

I did the little stunt out of Top Gun and popped down upside down over an unsuspecting "enemy" Dash-8 flying out of Seattle in my Beautiful Nude P-51 that I downloaded from off here. Other than not being able to do the birdie sign I was pretty happy, but then when I tried to review the film, all it showed was me flying around upside down! Evil or Very Mad I feel cheated! But I've since downloaded the free screen shot program so I can post it on here next time.

But my question is, can you make other aircraft show up on film? Also, I noticed that smoke doesn't seem to show up either. I flew under the bridge and buzzed the ferry at Niagra Falls, but it would've looked cooler with the smoke.

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😀 You sound like a pretty wild and woolly guy. 😀 Be carfull you don't end up a as a virtual oil slick on some runway. 😀 😀

Welcome to the forum by the way.

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I take it that you are using the replay facility in fs9,which is why you only see your own aircraft.
to see other aircraft,and make better videos try the free version of fraps to see if your pc can handle it ➡

The free version will only allow 30 secs of video but with a bit of planning you can make a long video

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I'll definitely try that out. I did my little trick again , and got a couple cool pictures. i couldn't find the Dash-8 so I had to settle for a lonely little Cessna.

Yup, I've got too much time on my hands 😳

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You sure do! 😉

The Cessna's going to lose altitude soon, if he doesn't start his engine. 😂

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That's what I was trying to tell the pilot...using sign language of course!

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