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Hey guys, My name is leadfoot, I just started here a week ago, but I am an FAA certified pilot, so if you need advice about the more realistic aspects of flying, I can probably help. Gee, Will I be promoted to captain?

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Bow Down Good to meet you leadfoot.
We are in bad need of some "real" expert help here. Yes
Captain I believe comes after 100 posts, you earn it the old fashion way WORK! ROFL

Hope to see you around often. 👍


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Hi leadfoot......hope ur going great guns.since ur a real pilot i would like to put foward a question.
just a week ago i met the cockpit crew after my flight from delhi to mumbai.i got to know that the the captian had taken flying lessons from texas. that means he gets a U.S how could he fly an aircraft in india.
are there certain steps by which one can convert cpl from U.S to india
(for that matter any other country).
THANKS FOR THE HELP and take care.

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I don't know what the procedures are outside the U.S. The fact that he was trained in the states is no surprise though. The U.S. is the best place to train because it is cheaper. We also have the freeist sky in the world. Most other nations have many prohibitive user fees and much stricter regulaions regarding flying. I suspect that he was ATP qualified in Dallas, then did a check ride to get whatever certifications he needed in India. Hope this helps. P.S. There are probably other people in this forum that knows more than I do. Check 'em out.

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